Sludge Deslopping and Disposal

JF Group is a professional sludge collection and disposal company authorized by Shenzhen MSA, Customs, Immigration Station, Shenzhen ClQ, with Harbor Management Permit. Jufeng has 20 sludge oil barges, equipped with oil pipe and various power of oil pump. Jufeng has passed the IS09001:2008 international quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 international environment management system certification. The company has obtained the Permit for Port Operation and Work and a relevant competence certificate issued by MSA, and is equipped with special ships for receiving sludge oil. The ships have been covered by Costal All Risks and oil pollution liability insurance, and have been maintained and repaired regularly. All kinds of ship certificates are verified and replaced annually to ensure the ships are seaworthy at any time. The ships are equipped with oil receiving and disposal apparatuses which comply with relevant criterions, and accessories of different specifications, such as pump arrangement, pressure lines and parts, standard discharge connection, satisfying different requirements of receiving operation.
The skillful employees have years’ operation experience, and the operation procedure is standardized, laying a solid foundation for the service quality. The company regularly organizes employees to participate in the rehearsals such as oil spill, fire control, contingency steering, navigation in fog, leaking stoppage and rescuing; through professional safety and pollution prevention training, employees’ strain capacities are strengthened.
Jufeng has its own professional ship’s sludge treatment factory, located at Zengcheng, Guangdong province, covering more than 5,000 square meters area, The factory equipped with advanced ship’s sludge and bilge water treatment equipment, treatment ability exceed 50,000 Tons per year. The factory plays an important role to solve the problem of disposal ship’s sludge and bilge water. We have introduced first-class equipment and globally advanced technology, and conducted innocent treatment on the collected oil-contaminated water through processes like oil water separation, solid and liquid separation, purifying and regeneration.




Production Process

The main content of the comprehensive utilization of waste mineral: retrieve the ship sludge and waste mineral oil of the industrial and mining enterprises; complete oil-water separation by taking the method of steam heating and using advanced processing technology of cans-in-cans. The purified oil can be comprehensively reused. The specially treated sewage can be discharged after reaching environmental standard. The production process flow chart is as follows: