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Russian experts fear that radioactive pollution of the sea of Japan

BEIJING, March 24, according to Tass news agency Xinhua reported that 23 Russian Hydrometeorological Monitoring Service Director Alexander Flores Rove Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan expressed concern about contamination of radioactive material.

According to reports, Flores Rove believes that the biggest problem is the amount of radioactive material in sea water is not clear, do not know how the food chain would be kind of impact, which requires professional assessment.

According to "Green Russia"experts Alecse Cove, said that even without a large number of radioactive emissions, marine life will be affected. Particularly shellfish, shrimp and crustaceans, they accumulated more radioactive material will be a million times, and this will have a huge impact the marine ecosystem. According to previous studies of freshwater organisms, biological organs, chromosomes, physiological characteristics, and immune system are changed.

Reported that the radioactive material present marine pollution has occurred, and will continue for some time. Earlier, Tokyo Fire Department and the Japanese Self Defense Forces have repeatedly carried out on the water cooling units, only Unit 3 to injection of water more than 3700 tons, while the Tokyo Fire Department also acknowledged that the injection operation, a large number of "dirty water", with Some garbage into the sea.